fresh air and beautiful things

Extremely fluid, all our pieces are fresh, light, supple and sweet like a breeze. They are designed in Paris, modeled in Paris, prototyped in Paris and made in Paris. They carry the remarkable values of respect, transparency and innovation of the 4.0 Jenny Sacerdote version.

We say no to mass production. Yes to tailor-made. We say no to tons of unsold items. Yes to upcycling. Yes to short circuits. Yes to carbon footprint. We say no to humanitarian scandals. Yes to respect for little hands.

We work in France, we create value, we create jobs, and we help reduce the carbon impact, and all of this comes at a cost. We offer ultimate French craftsmanship, original aesthetics, uniqueness and quality. Isn't it what you are expecting from a Parisian brand? 

We are labeled "Made in Paris".

Upcycling sourcing

Because we are militating for an environmentally friendly approach, we practice local upcycling. Therefore, we source our materials as much as possible in Paris. Our clothes are only available in small quantities and limited editions. Some others are exclusive and unique pieces. This is why we can create quickly while adapting and always offering you news and fresh pieces, while taking care of our planet.Yet, for larger quantities, we buy our silks in Lyon, but we always guarantee you the traceability of our materials.

As far as silks, cottons and even buttons are concerned, the transparency is total. This is very important for us.

100% made in France - 100% responsible.

This is an homage
Each piece expresses, both through its spirit and its volumes, the poetic and dynamic legend of the 1920s. Softness and strength are mingled, so that to provide the absolute touch of youth - DNA of Jenny Sacerdote. Simplicity and quality come in noble materials. Silk can be worn directly against the skin. It is much more than a journey suspended in time that is suggested here. Our collection inspires flexibility, weightlessness and agility in its purest form.
Just a fresh air of beautiful things to be, just to be.