La Suite Jenny Sacerdote now begins a new episode in three dimensions for the brand. Welcome to a new space-time!

Ethically and environmentally responsible, qualified Made in Paris , for many of our creations, our #jennius slow fashion couture house consolidates the innovative wave of fresh bespoke creations, thanks to the industry 4.0.

We use 3D , from conception to visualisation of your outfit, while dressmaking respects the purest French traditions.

As a pioneer brand, like it always used to be, Jenny Sacerdote  now begins a new episode in three dimensions for the brand, with collections designed so that mind and body can be completely free.


Try for yourself:

Compose your own 3D dress.
You don’t have the time, the possibility, nor the willing to move to our showroom ? Fair enough, La Suite Jenny Sacerdote, has the remote solution for you.

It is really simple. Choose your style, the quality of silk, then your favorite colour and let your creativity guide you, to create your personnalized dress.

Our shape library is so huge, that it seems that you are playing around with a puzzle to dress up your avatar.

You can easily play with just a few clicks. Then go!