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This jennius collection depicts some of the most iconic models by Jenny Sacerdote. Their pure, simple and fluid line fit perfectly with today's active and subversive femininity. Incredible geometry, flexible comfort, boby beautiful, both inside and outside.
Jenny Sacerdote saw how women were determined to live new, active lives and, inspired by sport and dance, this forward-thinking entrepreneur and art-lover imagined clothes that gave them the freedom of movement they needed to live life to the full.
Every Jenny Sacerdote garment is imagined in silk, and/or is silk-lined to be worn against the skin. Each one is meticulously assembled by the expert hands of French artisans working in the purest tradition. Let’s discover our jennius stories:
Each design, in its free spirit and wearable forms, is instilled with the poetry and intensity of the Roaring Twenties. Softness and strength combine with Jenny Sacerdote's favourite youthful colours. Simplicity and quality come to life in precious fabrics, and the sensation of silk against the skin. The suggestion is more than just a moment suspended in time. This is our chance to experience a new lightness of being, to find agility in its purest form.

Body beautiful !