nothing is lost, everything is created, everything is transformed

A wedding dress that can last...

Well-known women or just unknown, active and activists, friends, companions or mothers, lovers and beloved, multi-job / multi-tasking and all-terrain women, women in a hurry, committed, devoted, women in a kitchen and all over the world, focussed on the economy or an idea, sporty, permissive, sulky or angry women, today, all women are true heroines.

Therefore, we believe that sustainable fashion is possible to live everyday life. The wedding dresses that we create for you are designed to last. It is very simple, we do take into account a post mariage dress in our process of creation. It means that are working on your wedding dress and your customizable post wedding version at the same time. Because there is nothing more beautiful than to wear again, and again, and again your wedding dress, your post mariage version is as important as your mariage version.

The incredible story of Jenny Sacerdote inspires our creativity. The designs we create are made to outline your extraordinary life as a modern adventurer.

All our pieces are made in silk and / or lined in silk to take full advantage of the benefits of silk. We prefer short channels. We all work in Paris, our partners and artisans too. 

Just as Jenny Sacerdote who used to support sustainable fashion, we invite our clients to re think your wedding dress. We would be pleased to do that fro you. So, ready for transformation?


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