Et si je t’emmenais en lune de miel


You don’t have the time, neither the possibility, nor the willing to move to our showroom ? Thanks to our space-time remote solution you can create and visualize your outfit on your own 3D avatar.

Let’s create:

Our shape library is so huge, that it seems that you are playing around with a puzzle to dress up your avatar.

It is really simple ! Only 5 clicks to conceptualize your best outfit and send us the form to receive your avatar.

  1. your style
  2. your silk
  3. your colour
  4. your measures
  5. your information

Within one week, you will get your avatar dressed up with your own creation. #urajennius.



Our #jennius team is going to work on your bespoke outfit, as quickly as possible. This is very meticulous work, but we are so excited do it for you. We will keep you informed soon.

So check your mailbox, your avatar is coming in a few days.

Meanwhile, should you have any questions, or any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us lien vers la page contact en Anglais . Be sure that will get back to you very quickly.