Silk kimono pyjama two-tone sleeveless


Kimono pajama in silk

This soft geometric kimono pyjama is designed as an indoor cocoon. In loungewear or cozy wear, cocooning or joggers mode, these silk pyjamas are a pretty urban interpretation of telework wear.

DETAILS: two-colored blue and pink – 100% silk – up cycling – made in Paris.

This pyjama can be worn at home, to relax or telework, or evened to go shopping. You can choose to adjust the belt, or not.

Summer version, this pyjama can also be worn over a skirt or shorts with silk socks, or enhanced with a kimono vest, or a SUITY.

Please, come and visit us to our showroom. And let’s imagine a more personalized version for your economical and ethical pyjama.

Beautiful tailor-made  pyjama, 100% silk, made in Paris.

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There’s nothing more comfortable than pajamas to make you feel at ease. Indoor pajamas, beach pajamas, night pajamas, here is the whole new range of our so cozy wear creations.
Each era has its own style. When Jenny created her soft, silky and resistant pajamas, who would have imagined that with Covid-19 and the behavioral changes linked to telework, we would bring these outfits up to date?
Its kimono shape provides a lot of ease at the bust level. The pants with its elastic waistband is totally forgotten whether you are sitting or lying down.


The #jennial style:

These silk pajamas are quite typical of the 1920s. Each outfit tells a part of Jenny Sacerdote‘s incredible story.

They are made in Paris, by the expert hands of French artisans who work with us.

We also would be more than happy to welcome you to our showroom for a more personalized pajama, a dress or a coat.

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