Trench, Voici de la douceur


A reversible multi-faceted coat

This oversized gabardine coat, lined with silk, is perfect for the mid-season. It can be worn with extra long sleeves, or rolled up above the elbows, or simply adorned with a lapel. Its sporty chic look will allow you to wear it on many occasions. Practical, aesthetic and even cosmetic, when the silk satin, offers an extreme caress to the skin. Ultra cozywear, it is nothing but happiness!
DETAILS: Black coat, water repellent, silk lining, asymmetrical collar, two-tone doble belt, 50% silk, 50% water repellent coated textile
You can also visit us, for a more personalized declination and imagine with us your made-to-measure coat .

tailor-made silk clothing, or the new French cozy wear style

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The #jennius style:

All our  dresses tell a little part of the amazing story of Jenny Sacerdote’s House.

They are hand made, created on demand in Paris.

The trench, Voici de la douceur today revamps an iconic coat from 1924.

We also would be really pleased to welcome you to our showroom for a more personalized creation.

The effortless French Style

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