Upon entering the main door to the salon your senses will awake ...

          A rich smell of polished wood...the scent of roses in the air...gossamer fabrics floating lightly in the slight movement as people move around the room...the projection of an illusion of an image of a precious dress shimmering on a kakemono... Like spring rain falling gently upon a windowpane...the clack of sewing machines fill the room...the rippling sound of laughter echoing in the atmosphere... Stained glass and crystal add touches of brilliance in shafts of light in the iridescent, neo-technical environment... The clicking of computer keys...the low, sweet modulations of the designer as she outlines the digital images of her new creation...the already beautiful models embellished as if by magic... The clink of champagne glasses celebrating the success of the Artist... A video wall...its sounds mingling with the crushing and rippling of expensive silks and taffetas swishing through the expert hands of women who prize ecology and its integrity above everything... Metal cabinets whose drawers glide open and closed, concealing their treasures until these are deemed ready to be revealed...whispered intimacies exchanged over the wonderful materials, their origins, their traceability, their manufacture, extraordinary textiles, ribbons and ornamental appliqués, dancing between the fingers of the appreciative fashionistas, gathered in the salon...the crossroads between Past and Future...somehow out of the ordinary...even supernatural...a culture shock across the modern of today and the elegance of earlier decades... But let us return to the true reason we are here...the Body Beautiful ready to be clothed and revealed in all its glory by these magical creations... Brava Jenny Sacerdote !!! We salute you !!!

liberty, equality, fashion!

Influenced by her love of the arts and by women's liberation, inspired by the Ballets Russes, this pioneer imagined clothes that gave women freedom to move, travel, dance, look their best and live life to the full!

Jenny Sacerdote now returns as a brand whose collections are designed with total freedom of ideas and movement in mind.

Originally launched by an active, independent woman for other women, Jenny Sacerdote is a brand for women, by women.

feel free!

Jenny Sacerdote captures the fabulous creativity of the Roaring Twenties while conveying modern convictions of generosity and sustainability. This new brand reprises the values of the couture house founded by Jeanne Adèle Bernard and takes them to new heights.

From how they are made to how they are worn, Jenny Sacerdote's designs are about respect for the individual.

Because once is never enough...

The first e-couture concept brand

the revival of a French heritage brand

1OO% lifewear 1OO% digital 1OO% experience

In a hybrid neo-Art Deco setting, where 3D technology combines with the finest craftsmanship and remarkable fabrics, the legend of Jenny Sacerdote, a French couture house established in 1909, returns as a modern creative laboratory.

Thanks to input from the brightest young talent, this new brand offers two ultra-feminine ranges, suited to every woman's body shape and with just the right amount of edginess.

Ethical, eco-responsible and committed to sustainability, Jenny Sacerdote respects the people who wear its designs and the people who make them.

Because Jenny Sacerdote stands for freedom in the widest sense – freedom of thought and movement – art is also very much a part of the brand's personality.