Would March 8th be everyday?

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A few days ago, on March 8th, we celebrated the International Women’s Day.

But do you know the origin of this anniversary?


The International Women’s Day, called international day the rights of the women, is celebrated on March 8th. This day comes from the history of the feminism on the European and American continents. The International Women’s Day is one of the 87 international days recognized by the UNO. During that day, a lot of demonstrations occur worldwide. It is indeed, the opportunity to draw up the balance sheet on the situation: what is the place of women in the companies? In the whole society? It is also the occasion to claim more equality in rights. A lot of groups and associations propose events, special meetings, conferences… in order to improve the condition of women and celebrate the victories.

In 1977 the United Nations officialized this date, by inviting all the countries to celebrate a day in favour of the rights for women.


Jenny Sacerdote, a pioneer among the pioneers


Jeanne Adèle Bernard, more known under the name of Jenny Sacerdote, did not wait to spread her feminism vision on her fast-changing company. As an active and subversive woman, she knows what to wear and how to dress to go to work, to take the subway, to walk in the street … Since 1909, when she started in fashion, she has never stopped simplifying the clothes. Her fascination for freedom embodied by the new pioneer women, adventurers, airplane pilots, car drivers, ballet dancers, athletes, sportive women, inspired her a unique and disruptive wardrobe for her time. From the little grey tailor, to the tennis tunic, to the embroidered organza Foxtrot dress, she imagined everyday clothes, to move, work, play, dance, travel, live and dream! Her creativity was so huge. In the mid 1920´s Jenny Sacerdote produced as many as 800 models a year including coats, daytime models, evening dresses, wedding dresses, bathing suits, accessories and lingerie!


Jenny Sacerdote will be the second woman in France to be awarded by French Government of the Legion of Honour for her contribution to couture (between Jeanne Paquin, the first, and Jeanne Lanvin, the third).


Famous for the elegance of her simple, fluid and silky pieces, she was, between the wars, one of the most popular French women.


Today, Anne Vogt-Bordure takes over the codes of this brand to push them to their extremes. Also committed, she goes on with a 100% French and 100% eco-responsible way. Contact.

The Jenny Sacerdote Suite is a brand of women, for women, by women.

And for all our #jenniuswomen, March 8 is all year long