Silk is Skin

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Why does silk limit the appearance of wrinkles?

Silk is precious, strong, elastic and durable. Its natural fibres are soft to the touch, hypoallergenic and adjust to heat and cold, as well as being full of moisturising, nutritive and antioxidant benefits.


Who has never woken up with a pillow mark on his face?

We spend almost a third of our life in bed. We sleep an average of 7/8 hours per night. While sleeping on ours side, as often we do, our face skin has a direct contact with our pillow. This position irritates and creases our face skin, which is very thin and fragile indeed.

The fabric scrubs and irritates the delicate parts of our face skin and neck. With aging, our skin is more and more fragile, less elastic, then “sleep lines” persist in time. And, little by little, they turn into permanent wrinkles.


Why do we recommend a pillowcase in silk?

First, because authentic silk is very soft, little abrasive, so that it limits frictions between fabric and our skin.

Secondly, because thanks to its natural qualities, silk can take care of our skin and our hair when we sleep.


Smooth and silky skin …

Therefore, should you need or want a nice gift, for a birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s, wedding, or should you want to spoil ourself, here are two standard pillow sizes.


So jut enyoy and sleep …