Dressed with my little white dress, and transcending my beauty.

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La Suite Jenny Sacerdote offers you five different sensory experiences, this summer.

Among those five simple white silk dresses, one is for you and it’s really going to sublimate your beauty.

La Suite Jenny Sacerdote unveils an ultra limited series of small simple dresses. They just are light as air, white as purity, fluid as silk. In a word, they are just jenny-ius for a new sensory experience to make you look amazing and take care of your skin.

Simple cuts, immaculate colors, silky touches, extreme fluidity, all our summer dresses are hand made, 100% silk. Because they are entirely lined with silk, this ultimate natural fabric is in direct contact with your skin. Thanks to the intrinsic qualities of silk’s proteins, they play on aesthetics, both figuratively and literally. Both visual and sensory effect guaranteed. They provide you who wear them a feeling of intense softness on your skin.


Experience of senses:

Silk is a precious natural material, resistant, elastic and durable.

Its natural fibers, soft to the touch and thermoregulatory, are full of nutritive qualities. Wearing a silk dress offers you sweetness and care.Our little white dresses are more than an « out-fit » world. They are also providing an experience for your skin. They are a real MUST-WEAR !


Light of white:

It’s hard to get bored with white. White is the ultimate color to reflect light. You can wear it in total look, play with different shades, combine it with other colors, or only use small touches. White balances, sublimate and reveals everyone’s beauty.


#jennius style:

Every white dress tells a part of the incredible story of Jenny Sacerdote.

  1. Et si je t’emmenais en Lune de Miel is a variation of a lingerie model of 1916.
  2. Une fille cousue de fils d’or is an adaptation of an evening dress of 1921
  3. J’ai gagné le Premier Prix de l’Elégance is a duplication of the First Prize of the Elegance of 1926. It is labeled “Made in Paris” since 2018
  4. Qui m’aime me suive brings us back to 1927
  5. Je te souhaite une belle nuit revisits an afternoon dress of 1928


Made in France :

All our creations are designed, prototyped and manufactured in France. La Suite Jenny Sacerdote works with artisans located in Paris and the Paris region.

All materials are also sourced in France.


Timeless and durable dress:

Our pieces have a high quality. They are made on demand.

You can choose your standard size and order on our online shop jennysacerdote.com.

Or you can come directly to our showroom and have your tailored dress. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

And, we would be pleased to see you again next summer, to imagine with you a new customization…


995 € TTC only !

Until August 31, 2019.