collaborative and ethical

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The societal changes we are living are important and, more than a fashion, the collaborations reflect a state of mind of our current world. The trend is towards union: singers form duos, designers work in tandem, brands launch collaborations, clubs multiply … Certainly, “two” is stronger than “one”. In a more mathematical way, cobranding means that creativity, distribution and communication are squared. An exclusive and ephemeral offer is the strong ingredients of today’s desirability. In a way, a collaboration is an “agile diversity”.

For example, by choosing to partner with Cécile Descombes, a famous Parisian milliner, a #Jenny-ious dress is transformed and even transcended. Collaboration, as a creative breeding ground, has many benefits: creating a unique product, increasing expertise and sharing resources.

The great thing is that anything is possible. Collaboration makes a product twice as unique. It’s timely, collectible, and therefore valuable. The tone is one of novelty, originality, personalization, and the object is constantly reinvented.

It is because as a customer, you are and will remain one of our muses, that ethics is essential for us.

Anne Vogt-Bordure, Founder and Curator.