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Moving from one state to another, from the risk-taking we contemplate to leaving a known situation, from external danger, from the metamorphosis between a confined and then deconfined state, from hesitation to liberation.
“Making a belt out of this kerchief was an amusing idea, that’s what Jenny did”. Vogue France 1922.

Choreography and interpretation by Charline Feltens, based on an original idea by Anne Vogt-Bordure, directed by Vincent d’Augerot, performed at the Théâtre Claude Debussy de Maisons-Alfort. With our most sincere thanks to the incredible technical team of the Théâtre Claude Debussy de Maisons-Alfort and especially to Gilles Machto, Director of the Théâtres de Maisons Alfort. Thanks also and especially to Delphine Colin without whom this project would not have been possible. Finally, a huge thank you to Mathilde Gautier for her precious contribution before and after the shooting.