Blouse Drapeaux


Silk blouse with asymmetrical collar

This basic yet ultra sophisticated shirt has a multitude of interesting details. It can be worn over a skirt, like a casual city girl, or tucked in for a wiser look. Open or closed, the graphic collar may or may not reveal a neckline, which can be cut almost to the navel.
Because it can match all your moods, this 100% silk shirt is all-purpose.
DETAILS: 100% silk twill – pleated front and back – large collar with tab – double lapels – white buttons – upcycling sourcing – made in Paris
Can be worn with a skirt J’ai gagné le Grand Prix de l’Elégance in silk or denim, and accessorized with silk socks.
Or, if you feel like something else, don’t hesitate to make an appointment at our showroom for a more personalized declination and imagine with us the evolutive, economical and ethical outfit.

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A patriotic silk blouse

Jenny Sacerdote’s signature has always been a simple line enhanced with details. Here, despite its straight shape, the originality of the blouse lies in the abundance of details.
This blouse is called Drapeaux, because it was originally created by Jenny in 1918, as a tribute to the war brides on the right side were embroidered two small French flags.
Our #Jenny-ious style :

Each outfit tells a part of Jenny Sacerdote‘s incredible story. They are made to order, custom-made, in Paris, by the expert hands of our French artisans.

And because we love to meet you, we would be also really pleased to welcome you to our showroom for a more personalized creation.

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