#femmejenniale le film

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Agnès, Manue, Jessie and Claudia

In 1914, while the First World War was brewing, Jenny Sacerdote asked Eve lavallière to pose for the cover of Comoedia Illustré magazine. The dress she chose in one of her ultra fluid outfits, which she accessorized with ballet shoes. This very impactful image outlines an extreme gentleness despite the aggressive tensions.

The parallel with our present times is simple and unequivocal. Economic, health, social and identity crises, it is in this complex context that we set up a crazy project, only a few months ago.

With the help of Agnès Coppey, we wanted to pay tribute to all the women who are constantly fighting for a better world today, because a woman lives several lives. The film #femmejenniale highlights the free spirit of active women, and their chameleon side.

Our three wonderful dancers, Manuela Rios, Jessie-Philippe Mourey, Claudia Gianni, are filmed in front the Simone de Beauvoir bridge in Paris, which is indeed extremely symbolic.

Thank you to Vincent d’Augerot, director and editor, for having followed us in this crazy adventure.

Thanks as well as to Yannis Bouvet for his musical arrangements …

So sweet.