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What if I took you on a honeymoon ? Let me show you this lingerie’s design of 1916 reinterpreted extremely in both opposites ways, because it is our life today, the splits all day, the back-and-forths, the yeses,the noes, the yes or no game, in short decontemporary art.

Here are two extrapolations What if I took you on a honeymoon? ie hot version and cold version.

L’ADORADA – The golden women
Asymmetrical outfit suit, 3 pieces, 100 % silk.
What if I took you on a honeymoon? latino version, Natti Nat, very hot, hot, hot, hot
in colours for a golden and beloved woman who can rage all the time, in all smoothness.
Warm, soft tones, close to touch, the sun’s one of course. Perfect for Post-Covid sand,
privates parties feet in water, next summer days or for crops top’s fans in the subway.

TSAR IN and OUT D’OR – The amok tsarina
Evolving outfit dress/ coat, 3 pieces, 100 % silk lined.
What if I took you on a honeymoon? extreme cold version, with 3 levels, very brr brr brr : lined
silk cape, lined silk jacket and dress 100 % silk lifted with embroideries because it goes
without saying.
Active principle of the woman who rages little by little, breath after breath, layer after layer
and who lets reveal her pure beauty under varnish. Thermoregulating silk wraps her with its
protective softness.
Face In : comfort – Face out door : goldens
This tsarina rages when she decides herself, conscious and confidently, not even murmur to
you “And you, undress”.

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