Blouse Smoking


Long and graphic silk blouse

This extra large and ultra soft shirt is totally nomadic. It can be worn casually over a skirt or pants, belted at the waist and blousante, or open as a jacket. Its removable neckline and belt are real pluses, and allow you to totally change the style of the garment.
DETAILS: blouse 100% silk – white color – decorated with a neckline and a denim belt – white buttons
Can be worn with a denim or silk skirt J’ai gagné le Grand Prix l’Elégance, and accessorized with silk socks, or enhanced with a SUITY.
You can also visit our showroom for a more personalized variation and imagine with us the most evolutionary, economical and ethical outfit.

French tailor-made silk garment for women, sport or chic

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A historical silk blouse

When Jenny Sacerdote launched a suit called “Smoking” in 1918, inspired by French uniforms, in black twill and white piqué, so that every godmother would remember her soldiers, she had no idea that her outfit would last.

This Tuxedo shirt has the exact lines that Jenny envisioned in 1918: structure, angles, slits, architecture and lots of rounding.

The #jenny-ious style:

Each of the outfits tells a part of Jenny Sacerdote’s incredible story.

They are made to order, custom-made, in Paris, by the expert hands of our French artisans.

We also would be really pleased to welcome you to our showroom for a more personalized creation.

French tailor-made clothes

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